22 June 2015
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AC Maintenance Tips For Summer

AC Maintenance Tips For Summer

AC Maintenance Tips For SummerSummer time is here again, and with it comes the summer heat. The last thing you need is to adjust the thermostat and find out that the air conditioner is not working! The problem is that when your air conditioner goes for long periods of time without being used the outside unit tends to collect all manner of debris including leaves, dirt and other things. This can create issues for you when you are ready to run your AC. If you want to avoid costly repairs we have some tips for you to help you do some simple pre-season maintenance prior to the season. Or feel free to call us.

  • Replace or Clean Your AC Filters
  • Clean Debris From Your AC

Replace or Clean Your AC Filters

The simplest and most cost effective step is to clean or replace air filters at least twice each year, or when you see them begin to become clogged up with dirt and dust. When the air is occluded and the airflow is restricted it results in reduced efficiency of your air conditioning system and recirculation of of the very same dust your filters were meant to replace. Of course, you want to make sure that anything you do, you do it safely. It is always best to make sure that your AC is turned off before changing your filters.

Clean Debris From Your AC

Carefully scoop out any leaves and debris from the base of the unit and look to ensure that the drain is clear of any sediment. We recommend wearing gloves when you do maintenance to the unit.

Not the D.I.Y. Type?

That’s okay too. Air Systems Texas can do a general maintenance service call with relative ease. We can also make recommendations for ways that you can improve your overall system performance. Give us a call today!

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