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You’ve got AC repair questions…We’ve got answers. Air Conditioning/Heating is our expertise and here are some of the common questions that we get asked by you our clients. If you don’t see your question here let us know so that we can resolve your issues and add them to our site to help others that might have a similar problem.

Air Conditioning/Heating Question and Answers

Is there anything I can check for before scheduling an AC repair service call?
Answer: There are a few common problems which can be corrected by yourself prior to scheduling a technician call for your air conditioning/heating issues.

  • Check for dirty air filters. Dirty air filters can cause the air conditioner to freeze up. If your air filter is dirty, look on the outside unit to see if there is any ice visible on the tubes leading to and from the unit or on the unit itself. If ice is visible, then replace the air filter and set your thermostat to OFF position and the fan to the ON position. Leave the fan on for 2 hours and then return the thermostat to normal settings. If the unit freezes up again you will need to schedule for a technician to diagnose the problem
  • Check for tripped breakers in the main breaker box. To reset a tripped breaker, turn breaker completely off then back on. If it trips again you will need to schedule a technician to diagnose the problem. When dealing with any electrical problems we advise you to contact a professional first! Air Systems Texas is a qualified professional and help troubleshoot most air conditioning/heating related issues.
  • For homes with gas heat, check the power switch for the furnace. In most cases it looks like a light switch and is frequently is mistaken for the attic light switch and may sometimes get turned off. When dealing with gas, we highly recommend that you use caution. If you smell gas, evacuate your home and call 911. Your next phone call surprisingly enough is not to the gas company, but to a plumber. A plumber is actually licensed to work with gas lines and can turn off the gas service and turn it back on again without the red-tape of work orders through the utility companies. Your next obvious call will be to Air Systems of Texas to come out and manage your heating systems and get you back into operation.
  • Check the batteries in the thermostat. Not all digital thermostats have batteries, but most do. To access the battery compartment on most themostats, pull out the bottom, front part of the thermostat which takes the front piece off then pull off the top. If your thermostat has only one piece then the entire thermostat will come off and reveal the battery compartment.
Call on the pro’s over at Air Systems Texas for all of your air conditioning/heating needs. Air Systems Texas is conveniently located in Friendswood, Texas and services the entire Clear Lake area. We are qualified AC/Heat technicians with the experience to get the job done right. When you need an AC guy, don’t call just anyone, call Air Systems of Texas. We stand behind our work with an Air Conditioning/Heating Service Guarantee that is better than any other guarantee in our industry!


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