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1/15/19 Exceptional company!! I have been utilizing them for over five years, and customer service is constantly excellent. They serviced the HVAC in our old house, and replaced the system in our new house. We have a quirky split level home, and they have actually put in the time to deal with our system and make changes. They always make sure we are happy with the work. Highly advise. Cathy

1/9/19 Quick Response. Bonnie

12/18/18 You guys came immediately, and replaced our thermostat. I am always pleased with your service. George – League City

10/4/18 very honest….know what they are doing….found the problem and fixed it right away……I WILL RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO EVERY ONE I KNOW. They found the other’s wrong diagnosis whom they asked a lot for fixing the problem by replacing expensive good parts without need for it..!! Salem – Houston

8-1-18 The folks at Air Systems are my new heroes. Another company quoted me $2695 at a minimum to fix the coil in my AC while also trying to convince me to pay either $6K or $8K to “really” fix/replace the system. Air Systems noted immediately that the coil was under warranty, looked it up to see if had been registered and since it had, charged me about $800 to replace the coil.

Carrie – League City

7-31-18 Air Systems is our go-to company for HVAC. Honest work and fair pricing.

Darren – Dickinson

7-19-18 I hired Air Systems to perform maintenance on an old unit and install a new thermostat at a rental property and was very impressed. I spoke with Amy at the office before the job and found her to be very courteous and informative. I then spoke with Robert while he was onsite and found him to be exactly the same. A company of professionals who embrace good customer service is hard to find, so this was a refreshing and positive experience. I’ll gladly recommend Air Systems to friends and family without hesitation.

Rhett – League City

7-10-18 Thank you for your prompt and cheerful response, and coming so quickly! You guys are the best!! I thought we needed a new air conditioner, but Robert assured me that all it needed was a new capacitor. He checked a few things and found that it didn’t even need freon. He explained things as he worked, and answered all my questions with a professional but caring attitude. His honesty is saving us a lot of money, which we really appreciate since we didn’t have flood insurance for Harvey and are still fixing our house. We are grateful for Robert’s integrity and his expertise in doing an excellent job. We are blessed to have heard about Air Systems from some people we trust and are so thankful for an honest air conditioning repair company.

Ivan – Houston

6-13-18 The response to my air conditioner problem was great. I called and a serviceman was here within a half hour. (He was in the area and had finished a job) He fixed the problem quickly and it was very reasonably priced. I highly recommend Air Systems.

Jeannette – Houston

6-21-18 Air Systems has worked for me for many years not only a commercial vendor but as my personal HVAC vendor for my home. They are professional, on time and go above and beyond to service their customers. We are all suspect of vendors coming to our homes for service. You can trust Air Systems to be upfront and provide quality work for a competitive price. I would never use anyone else.

Houston from Houston 


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